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Lumbar rheumatism

lumbar rheumatism n.
See lumbago.


Read Also:

  • Lumbar rib

    lumbar rib n. A rib articulating with the transverse process of the first lumbar vertebra; occurring only occasionally.

  • Lumbar splanchnic nerve

    lumbar splanchnic nerve n. Any of the branches from the lumbar sympathetic trunks that pass anteriorly to join the celiac, intermesenteric, aortic, and superior hypogastric plexuses.

  • Lumbar triangle

    lumbar triangle n. An area in the posterior abdominal wall, the site of occasional herniation, bounded by the edges of the latissimus dorsi and external oblique muscles and the iliac crest. Also called Petit’s lumbar triangle.

  • Lumbar vein

    lumbar vein n. Any of five veins that accompany the lumbar arteries, drain the posterior body wall and lumbar vertebral venous plexuses, and terminate in the ascending lumbar vein, the inferior vena cava, or in the iliolumbar vein.

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