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[mang-grohv, man-] /ˈmæŋ groʊv, ˈmæn-/

any tropical tree or shrub of the genus Rhizophora, the species of which are mostly low trees growing in marshes or tidal shores, noted for their interlacing above-ground adventitious roots.
any of various similar plants.
/ˈmæŋɡrəʊv; ˈmæn-/

any of various similar trees or shrubs of the genus Avicennia: family Avicenniaceae

1610s, mangrow, probably from Spanish mangle, mangue (1530s), which is perhaps from Carib or Arawakan. Modern spelling in English (1690s) is from influence of grove. A Malay origin also has been proposed, but it is difficult to explain how it came to be used for an American plant.


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