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any North American plant belonging to the genus Thaspium, of the parsley family, having yellow or purple flowers.


Read Also:

  • Meadow pipit

    noun 1. a common European songbird, Anthus pratensis, with a pale brown speckled plumage: family Motacillidae (pipits and wagtails)

  • Meadow-rue

    noun 1. any of several plants belonging to the genus Thalictrum, of the buttercup family, having leaves resembling those of rue, especially T. dioicum, of North America. noun 1. any ranunculaceous plant of the N temperate genus Thalictrum, esp T. flavum, having clusters of small yellowish-green, white, or purple flowers

  • Meadow-saffron

    noun 1. . noun 1. another name for autumn crocus

  • Meadow-salsify

    noun 1. a European weedy, composite plant, Tragopogon pratensis, naturalized in North America, having grasslike leaves and yellow flowers.

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