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[mur-kuh n-teel, -tahyl, -til] /ˈmɜr kənˌtil, -ˌtaɪl, -tɪl/

of or relating to merchants or trade; commercial.
engaged in trade or commerce:
a mercantile nation.
Economics. of or relating to the .
of, relating to, or characteristic of trade or traders; commercial
of or relating to mercantilism

1640s, from French mercantile (17c.), from Italian mercantile, from Medieval Latin mercantile, from Latin mercantem (nominative mercans) “a merchant,” also “trading,” present participle of mercari “to trade,” from merx (see market (n.)). Mercantile system first appears in Adam Smith (1776).


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    noun 1. . noun 1. an enterprise that collects and supplies information about the financial credit standing of individuals and enterprises

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    noun an economic theory that having money constitutes wealth, esp. amassing wealth by exporting goods Word Origin created by Adam Smith

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