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Milking shed

a building in which a herd of cows is milked Compare parlour (sense 6)


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  • Milking-stool

    noun 1. a low, usually three-legged stool with a flat seat in the shape of a half circle, used by a person when milking a cow. noun 1. a low three-legged stool

  • Milk lameness

    noun 1. (vet science) a disease of cattle that produce a high milk yield, characterized by hip lameness associated with a low concentration of phosphorus in the blood

  • Milk-leg

    noun, Pathology. 1. a painful swelling of the leg soon after childbirth, due to thrombosis of the large veins. noun 1. inflammation and thrombosis of the femoral vein following childbirth, characterized by painful swelling of the leg Also called white leg Technical name phlegmasia alba dolens milk leg n. A painful swelling of the leg […]

  • Milk line

    milk line n. See mammary ridge.

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