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noun, Grammar.
any sentence that is not a true full sentence; a transformation by deletion from a full sentence.
a sentence not having the usual subject-predicate structure, as Down with the dictator!


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  • Minor seventh chord

    noun 1. a chord consisting of a minor triad with an added minor seventh above the root Often shortened to minor seventh Compare major seventh chord

  • Minor sublingual duct

    minor sublingual duct n. Any of the small ducts of the sublingual salivary gland that open into the mouth on the surface of the sublingual fold. Also called Rivinus duct.

  • Minor-suit

    noun, Bridge. 1. diamonds or clubs. noun 1. (bridge) diamonds or clubs Compare major suit

  • Minor-tenace

    noun, Bridge, Whist. 1. the king and jack of a suit held by one player.

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