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[tran-skrip-shuh n] /trænˈskrɪp ʃən/

the act or process of transcribing.
something transcribed.
a transcript; copy.

Radio and Television. a recording made especially for broadcasting.
Genetics. the process by which genetic information on a strand of DNA is used to synthesize a strand of complementary RNA.
the act or an instance of transcribing or the state of being transcribed
something transcribed
a representation in writing of the actual pronunciation of a speech sound, word, or piece of continuous text, using not a conventional orthography but a symbol or set of symbols specially designated as standing for corresponding phonetic values

1590s, from Latin transcriptionem, noun of action from past participle stem of transcribere (see transcribe).

transcription tran·scrip·tion (trān-skrĭp’shən)

tran·scrip’tion·al adj.
The process in a cell by which genetic material is copied from a strand of DNA to a complementary strand of RNA (called messenger RNA). In eukaryotes, transcription takes place in the nucleus before messenger RNA is transported to the ribosomes for protein synthesis. Compare translation.


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