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[muhs-ki-teer] /ˌmʌs kɪˈtɪər/

a soldier armed with a .
(formerly) a soldier armed with a musket

“soldier armed with a musket,” 1580s, from musket + -eer, or else from French mousquetaire, from mousquette (see musket).


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    [muhs-ki-tree] /ˈmʌs kɪ tri/ noun 1. Military. the technique of bringing fire from a group of rifle and automatic weapons to bear on specified targets. 2. muskets collectively. 3. musketeers collectively. /ˈmʌskɪtrɪ/ noun 1. muskets or musketeers collectively 2. the technique of using small arms n. 1640s, from French mousqueterie, from mousquet “musket” (see musket), […]

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