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[nee-gruh-fahyl, -fil] /ˈni grəˌfaɪl, -fɪl/

noun, (sometimes lowercase) Older Use: Often Offensive.
a white or other nonblack person who is especially sympathetic to or supportive of black people.

1803, from Negro + -phile.


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    [nee-gruh-fohb] /ˈni grəˌfoʊb/ noun, (sometimes lowercase) Older Use: Often Offensive. 1. a person who strongly fears or dislikes black people. /ˈniːɡrəʊˌfəʊb/ noun 1. a person who dislikes or fears Negroes n. 1864, from Negro + -phobe.

  • Negrophobia

    [nee-gruh-foh-bee-uh] /ˌni grəˈfoʊ bi ə/ noun, (sometimes lowercase) Older Use: Often Offensive. 1. strong fear or dislike of black people. n. 1819, from Negro + -phobia.

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