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New york kiss-off

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  • New-york-minute

    noun, Informal. 1. a very short time. noun 1. (mainly US & Canadian, informal) a very short period of time; instant noun phrase A very short time; a JIFFY:In the computer world, nouns like modem and fax become verbs in a nanosecond, almost as short as a New York minute/ I would sign a woman […]

  • New-york-school

    noun 1. a loosely associated group of American and European artists and sculptors, especially abstract expressionist painters, active in and near New York City chiefly in the 1940s and 1950s.

  • New-york-state-barge-canal

    noun 1. a New York State waterway system. 575 miles (925 km) long. 2. the main canal of this system, between the Hudson River and Lake Erie: consists of the rebuilt Erie Canal. 352 miles (565 km) long. noun 1. a system of inland waterways in New York State, connecting the Hudson River with Lakes […]

  • New-york-steak

    noun 1. . noun, Cookery. 1. a porterhouse steak with the fillet removed. noun a tender steak cut from the short loin; also called [club steak], New York steak Usage Note cooking noun See Delmonico steak See shell steak

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