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[nahyt-kluhb] /ˈnaɪtˌklʌb/

Also, night club. an establishment for evening entertainment, generally open until the early morning, that serves liquor and usually food and offers patrons music, comedy acts, a floor show, or dancing; nightspot.
verb (used without object), nightclubbed, nightclubbing.
to visit nightclubs.
a place of entertainment open until late at night, formerly offering food, drink, a floor show, dancing, etc, but now usually featuring loud amplified music for dancing

the social activity of going to nightclubs, esp. on a regular basis; also called clubbing

Certain actresses have a reputation for nightclubbing.
Usage Note

nightclub v

also night-club, “club open at night,” 1894, from night + club (n.) in the social sense.


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