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[ey-zhuh n, ey-shuh n] /ˈeɪ ʒən, ˈeɪ ʃən/

of, belonging to, or characteristic of or its inhabitants.
a native or inhabitant of , or a person of Asian descent.
/ˈeɪʃən; ˈeɪʒən/
of or relating to Asia or to any of its peoples or languages
(Brit) of or relating to natives of the Indian subcontinent or any of their descendants, esp when living in Britain
a native or inhabitant of Asia or a descendant of one
(Brit) a native of the Indian subcontinent or a descendant of one

late 14c., “inhabitant of Asia (Minor),” from Latin Asianus (adjective and noun, “belonging to the province of Asia;” “an inhabitant of Asia”), from Greek Asianos, from Asia (see Asia). Ousted Asiatic as the preferred term in Britain c.1950.

The term “Asiatic” has come to be regarded with disfavour by those to whom it is applied, and they feel entitled to be brought into line with usage in regard to Europeans, Americans and Australians. [“Times Literary Supplement,” Feb. 6, 1953]

As an adjective in English, by 1690s.


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