a town in S Florida.

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  • Oak-lawn

    noun 1. a city in NE Illinois, near Chicago.

  • Oak-leaf-cluster

    noun 1. a U.S. military decoration in the form of a small bronze twig bearing four oak leaves and three acorns, worn on the ribbon of another decoration for valor, wounds, or distinguished service to signify a second award of the same medal.

  • Oak-leaf hydrangea

    [ohk-leef] /ˈoʊkˌlif/ noun 1. a shrub, Hydrangea quercifolia, of the southeastern U.S., having lobed leaves and pyramidal clusters of white flowers.

  • Oak-leather

    noun, Mycology. 1. a thick sheet of mycelium occurring in decayed oak wood.

  • Oak-leaved geranium

    [ohk-leevd] /ˈoʊkˌlivd/ noun 1. a geranium, Pelargonium quercifolium, of southern Africa, having oaklike leaves with purple veins and sparse clusters of purple flowers with darker markings.

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