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Oceanic bonito


See arctic bonito


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  • Oceanicity

    [oh-shuh-nis-i-tee, oh-shee-uh-] /ˌoʊ ʃəˈnɪs ɪ ti, ˌoʊ ʃi ə-/ noun 1. the degree to which the climate of a place is influenced by the sea.

  • Oceanic ridge

    noun 1. any section of the narrow, largely continuous range of submarine mountains that extends into all the major oceans and at which new oceanic lithosphere is created by the rise of magma from the earth’s interior See also sea-floor spreading

  • Oceanic trench

    noun 1. a long narrow steep-sided depression in the earth’s oceanic crust, usually lying above a subduction zone

  • Oceanid

    [oh-see-uh-nid] /oʊˈsi ə nɪd/ noun, plural Oceanids, Oceanides [oh-see-an-i-deez] /ˌoʊ siˈæn ɪˌdiz/ (Show IPA). Classical Mythology. 1. any of the daughters of Oceanus and Tethys; a sea nymph. /əʊˈsɪənɪd/ noun (pl) Oceanids, Oceanides (ˌəʊsɪˈænɪˌdiːz) 1. (Greek myth) any of the ocean nymphs born of Oceanus and Tethys

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