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Ostium of uterus

ostium of uterus n.
The opening of the uterus into the vagina.


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  • Ostium uterinum tubae

    ostium uterinum tubae ostium u·ter·i·num tu·bae (yōō’tə-rī’nəm tōō’bē, tyōō’bē) n. The uterine opening of the oviduct.

  • Ostler

    [os-ler] /ˈɒs lər/ noun 1. . /ˈɒslə/ noun 1. (archaic) a stableman, esp one at an inn n. late 14c., phonetic spelling of hostler.

  • Ostmark

    [awst-mahrk, ost-] /ˈɔstˌmɑrk, ˈɒst-/ noun 1. (formerly) a cupronickel coin and monetary unit of East Germany: replaced by the Deutsche mark in 1990. /ˈɒstˌmɑːk; German ˈɔstmark/ noun 1. (formerly) the standard monetary unit of East Germany, divided into 100 pfennigs

  • Ostomate

    ostomate os·to·mate (ŏs’tə-māt’) n. One who has undergone an ostomy.

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