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[oh-ver-sel] /ˌoʊ vərˈsɛl/

verb (used with object), oversold, overselling.
to more of (a stock, product, etc.) than can be delivered.
to sell aggressively, as by using high-pressure merchandising techniques.
to emphasize the good points of excessively and to a self-defeating extent:
She so oversold the picnic that I became convinced I’d have a better time at the movies.
verb (used without object), oversold, overselling.
to sell something aggressively.
to make extreme claims for something or someone.
verb -sells, -selling, -sold
(transitive) to sell more of (a commodity) than can be supplied
to use excessively aggressive methods in selling (commodities)
(transitive) to exaggerate the merits of


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