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[ok-suh-loh-suh k-sin-ik, ok-, ok-sal-oh-, -sal-] /ˈɒk sə loʊ səkˈsɪn ɪk, ˌɒk-, ɒkˈsæl oʊ-, -ˌsæl-/

noun, Biochemistry.
an organic acid, C 6 H 6 O 7 , that is an intermediate formed by the dehydrogenation of isocitric acid in fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

oxalosuccinic acid ox·a·lo·suc·cin·ic acid (ŏk’sə-lō-sək-sĭn’ĭk, ŏk-sāl’ō-)
A product of the dehydrogenation of isocitric acid and an intermediate in the Krebs cycle. Also called oxalourea.


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