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Mathematics, Physics. a rule for adding two vectors, as forces (parallelogram of forces) by placing the point of application of one at the point of origin of the other and obtaining their sum by constructing the line connecting the two remaining end points, the sum being the diagonal of the parallelogram whose adjacent sides are the two vectors.


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  • Parallelogram rule

    noun 1. (maths, physics) a rule for finding the resultant of two vectors by constructing a parallelogram with two adjacent sides representing the magnitudes and directions of the vectors, the diagonal through the point of intersection of the vectors representing their resultant

  • Parallel pascal

    language A data-parallel language, similar to Actus and Glypnir. [“Parallel Pascal: An Extended Pascal for Parallel Computers”, A. Reeves, J Parallel Dist Computing 1:64-80 (1984)]. (1995-05-07)

  • Parallel-play

    noun 1. a form of play in which a very young child plays independently in the presence of another child or other children.

  • Parallel port

    noun 1. (computing) (on a computer) a socket that can be used for connecting devices that send and receive data at more than one bit at a time; often used for connecting printers hardware An interface from a computer system where data is transferred in or out in parallel, that is, on more than one […]

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