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paratenesis par·a·te·ne·sis (pār’ə-tə-nē’sĭs)
The passage of a parasite by one or a series of hosts with no effect on the completion of the life cycle of the parasite.


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    paratenon par·a·ten·on (pār’ə-těn’ən, -ŏn’) n. The fatty or synovial material between a tendon and its sheath.

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    paraterminal gyrus par·a·ter·mi·nal gyrus (pār’ə-tûr’mə-nəl) n. See subcallosal gyrus.

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    [par-uh-thahy-on] /ˌpær əˈθaɪ ɒn/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a deep-brown to yellow, poisonous liquid, C 1 0 H 1 4 NO 5 PS, used as an insecticide. /ˌpærəˈθaɪɒn/ noun 1. a slightly water-soluble toxic oil, odourless and colourless when pure, used as an insecticide. Formula: C10H14NO5PS parathion par·a·thi·on (pār’ə-thī’ŏn) n. A highly poisonous organic phosphate insecticide […]

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