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Parts of lindsey

See (Parts of) Lindsey


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  • Parts of speech

    Classifications of words according to their relations to each other and to the things they represent. Different parts of speech name actions, name the performers of actions, describe the performers or actions, and so on. The common parts of speech are adjectives, adverbs, articles, conjunctions, interjections, nouns, prepositions, pronouns, and verbs.

  • Part-song

    noun 1. a song with parts for several voices, especially one meant to be sung without accompaniment. noun 1. a song composed in harmonized parts 2. (in more technical usage) a piece of homophonic choral music in which the topmost part carries the melody

  • Part-time

    [adjective pahrt-tahym; adverb pahrt-tahym] /adjective ˈpɑrtˌtaɪm; adverb ˈpɑrtˈtaɪm/ adjective 1. employed to work, used, expected to function, etc., less than the usual or full time: a part-time clerk. 2. lasting, requiring, or being in force only a part of the time: part-time employment; part-time jobs. adverb 3. on a part-time basis: to work part-time. noun […]

  • Part-timer

    [pahrt-tahy-mer] /ˈpɑrtˈtaɪ mər/ noun 1. a person who works, attends school, etc., less than full time.

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