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the use of psychotherapeutic techniques by trained members of the clergy to assist parishioners who seek help for personal or emotional problems.


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  • Pastorale

    [pas-tuh-rahl, -ral, -rah-lee, pah-stuh-; Italian pahs-taw-rah-le] /ˌpæs təˈrɑl, -ˈræl, -ˈrɑ li, ˌpɑ stə-; Italian ˌpɑs tɔˈrɑ lɛ/ noun, plural pastorales, pastorali [pas-tuh-rah-lee, -ral-ee; Italian pahs-taw-rah-lee] /ˌpæs təˈrɑ li, -ˈræl i; Italian ˌpɑs tɔˈrɑ li/ (Show IPA). Music. 1. an opera, cantata, or the like, with a pastoral subject. 2. a piece of music suggestive of […]

  • Pastoral-epistles

    plural noun 1. the New Testament books of I and II Timothy and Titus that stress pastoral and ecclesiastical concerns.

  • Pastoralism

    [pas-ter-uh-liz-uh m, pah-ster-] /ˈpæs tər əˌlɪz əm, ˈpɑ stər-/ noun 1. the practice of herding as the primary economic activity of a society. n. 1854, from pastoral + -ism.

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    /ˈpɑːstərəlɪst/ noun 1. (Austral) a grazier or land-holder raising sheep, cattle, etc, on a large scale n. 1793, from pastoral + -ist.

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