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noun, Soccer.
the area, 44 yards (40 meters) wide and 18 yards (16 meters) deep, centered on the goal line and extending in front of the goal, where a foul by a defensive player results in a penalty kick for the offensive team.
(soccer) a rectangular area in front of the goal, within which the goalkeeper may handle the ball and within which a penalty is awarded for a foul by the defending team


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  • Penalty-box

    noun, Ice Hockey. 1. an enclosed space adjacent to the rink for penalized players, the penalty timekeeper, the game timekeeper, and the official scorer. noun 1. (soccer) another name for penalty area 2. (hockey:Ice) a bench for players serving time penalties

  • Penalty corner

    noun 1. (hockey) a free hit from the goal line taken by the attacking side Also called short corner

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  • Penalty-killer

    noun, Ice Hockey. 1. a player used when the player’s team is short-handed as a result of a penalty, especially a player skilled at defense and employed regularly in such situations. noun 1. (hockey:Ice) a good player who, when his team is short-handed because of a penalty, is sent onto the ice to prevent the […]

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