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noun, Ice Hockey.
a player used when the player’s team is short-handed as a result of a penalty, especially a player skilled at defense and employed regularly in such situations.
(hockey:Ice) a good player who, when his team is short-handed because of a penalty, is sent onto the ice to prevent the other side from scoring


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  • Penalty point

    noun 1. (Brit) an endorsement on a driving licence due to a motoring offence: he also got eight penalty points on his licence 2. a point awarded against a sports team or competitor for an infringement of the rules

  • Penalty rates

    plural noun 1. (Austral & NZ) rates of pay, such as double time, paid to employees working outside normal working hours

  • Penalty shoot-out

    noun 1. (soccer) a method of deciding the winner of a drawn match, in which players from each team attempt to score with a penalty kick 2. a similar method of resolving a tie in hockey, ice hockey, polo, etc

  • Penalty-shot

    noun, Ice Hockey. 1. a free shot at the goal defended only by the goalkeeper, awarded to an offensive player for certain defensive violations.

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