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[pee-puh l-hoo d] /ˈpi pəlˌhʊd/

the state or condition of being a .
the consciousness of certain beliefs or characteristics that make one part of a ; sense of belonging to a .


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  • Peoplemeter

    noun a device attached to a television that electronically records and monitors what is viewed by individual people, used as part of the Nielsen Media Research

  • Peopleless

    [pee-puh l] /ˈpi pəl/ noun, plural peoples for 4. 1. persons indefinitely or collectively; persons in general: to find it easy to talk to people; What will people think? 2. persons, whether men, women, or children, considered as numerable individuals forming a group: Twenty people volunteered to help. 3. human beings, as distinguished from animals […]

  • Peoplemover

    noun See moving walkway

  • People-mover

    noun 1. any of various forms of mass transit, as moving sidewalks or automated driverless vehicles, used for transporting people along limited, fixed routes, as around airports or congested urban areas. 2. any vehicle that transports people quickly from one destination to another. noun 1. any of various automated forms of transport for large numbers […]

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