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Periapical cemental dysplasia

periapical cemental dysplasia periapical ce·men·tal dysplasia (sĭ-měn’tl)
A benign, painless condition of the jaws that occurs almost exclusively in middle-aged black females and is characterized by multiple lesions that usually involve vital mandibular anterior teeth, surround the root apices, and become opaque as they mature.


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  • Periapical curettage

    periapical curettage n.

  • Periapical granuloma

    periapical granuloma n. A growing mass of granulation tissue surrounding the apex of a nonvital tooth and arising in response to necrosis of the tooth pulp. Also called apical granuloma, dental granuloma.

  • Periapical periodontal cyst

    periapical periodontal cyst n. A cyst about the root of a dead tooth, usually caused by dental caries or disease of the pulp. Also called radicular cyst.

  • Periapical radiograph

    periapical radiograph n. A radiograph showing tooth apices and surrounding structures in a particular intraoral area.

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