Pinot gris


See pinot grigio

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    [pee-noh nwahr, pee-noh; French pee-noh nwar] /ˈpi noʊ ˈnwɑr, piˈnoʊ; French pi noʊ ˈnwar/ noun 1. See under (def 2). [pee-noh] /piˈnoʊ/ noun 1. any of several varieties of purple or white vinifera grapes yielding a red or white wine, used especially in making burgundies and champagnes. 2. a red (Pinot Noir) or white (Pinot […]

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    hardware (Or “pinout”) The allocation of logical functions or signals to the electrical connection points (pins) of an integrated circuit or other component or connector. (1996-04-04)

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