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[poo s-ee-kat] /ˈpʊs iˌkæt/

a cat; pussy.
Informal. a person or thing not at all threatening:
a pussycat underneath all his gruffness.
an informal or child’s name for a cat1 (sense 1)
(Brit, informal) an endearing or gentle person



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  • Pussyfoot

    [poo s-ee-foo t] /ˈpʊs iˌfʊt/ verb (used without object) 1. to go or move in a stealthy or cautious manner. 2. to act cautiously or timidly, as if afraid to commit oneself on a point at issue. noun, plural pussyfoots. 3. a person with a catlike, or soft and stealthy, tread. 4. Chiefly British. a […]

  • Pussy-toes

    [poo s-ee-tohz] /ˈpʊs iˌtoʊz/ noun, plural pussy-toes. (used with a singular or plural verb) 1. any of various woolly composite plants of the genus Antennaria, having small white or grayish flower heads.

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    adjective Dominated by one’s wife or female lover; obsequiously uxorious; henpecked: Francie had had it with bore-ass ”pussy-whipped” men (1956+)

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    [poo s-ee] /ˈpʊs i/ noun 1. a small willow, Salix discolor, of eastern North America, having silky catkins. 2. any of various similar willows. /ˈpʊsɪ/ noun 1. a willow tree that produces silvery silky catkins, esp Salix caprea or S. cinerea in Britain or S. discolor in North America 2. any of various similar willows […]

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