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Pyloric valve

pyloric valve n.
A fold of mucous membrane at the gastroduodenal junction, enclosing the pylorus.


Read Also:

  • Pyloric vein

    pyloric vein n. A vein that receives veins from both surfaces of the upper portion of the stomach, runs to the right along the lesser curvature, and empties into the portal vein. Also called right gastric vein.

  • Pyloristenosis

    pyloristenosis py·lo·ri·ste·no·sis (pī-lôr’ĭ-stə-nō’sĭs, pĭ-) or py·lo·ro·ste·no·sis (pī-lôr’ō-) n. Stricture or narrowing of the orifice of the pylorus.

  • Pyloro-

    pyloro- or pylor- pref. Pylorus: pylorospasm.

  • Pylorodiosis

    pylorodiosis py·lo·ro·di·o·sis (pī-lôr’ō-dī-ō’sĭs) n. Surgical dilation of the pylorus.

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