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Red-bellied black snake

a highly venomous Australian black snake, Pseudechis porphyriacus, with a reddish underside


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  • Red-bellied turtle

    [red-bel-eed] /ˈrɛdˌbɛl id/ noun 1. any of several freshwater turtles of the genus Pseudemys, of the eastern and southern U.S., having red markings on the lower shell.

  • Redbelly-dace

    [red-bel-ee] /ˈrɛdˌbɛl i/ noun, Ichthyology. 1. any of the small, brightly colored North American freshwater cyprinids, especially Phoxinus oreas (northern redbelly dace) and P. erythrogaster (southern redbelly dace)

  • Red biddy

    noun 1. (informal) cheap red wine fortified with methylated spirits

  • Red-billed quelea

    [red-bild] /ˈrɛdˌbɪld/ noun 1. See under quelea. noun 1. any of several African weaverbirds of the genus Quelea, especially Q. quelea (red-billed quelea) noted for its vast flocks that destroy grain crops.

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