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a female volunteer, often the mother of a student, who assists an elementary-school teacher, as by working with students who need extra help.


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  • Room-service

    noun 1. the serving of food, drinks, etc., to a guest in his or her room, as at a hotel. 2. the department or section, as at a hotel, responsible for rendering this service. room service noun 1. service in a hotel providing meals, drinks, etc, in guests’ rooms

  • Room-temperature

    noun 1. a comfortable temperature range indoors, usually considered to be 68 to 77°F (20 to 25°C). room temperature noun 1. the normal temperature of a living room, usually taken as being around 20°C

  • Room-temperature iq

    abuse (IBM) 80 or below. Used in describing the expected intelligence range of the luser. “Well, but how’s this interface going to play with the room-temperature IQ crowd?” This is a much more insulting phrase in countries that use Celsius thermometers. See drool-proof paper. [Jargon File] (1996-04-06)

  • Roomy

    adjective, roomier, roomiest. 1. affording ample room; spacious; large. noun, plural roomies. Informal. 1. roomie. noun, Informal. 1. roommate. adjective roomier, roomiest 1. having ample room; spacious

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