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[ruhn-uh v-th uh-mahyn] /ˈrʌn əv ðəˈmaɪn/
of or relating to ore or coal that is crude, ungraded, etc.
common or ordinary; run-of-the-mill:
a boring, run-of-the-mine performance.


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  • Run-on

    adjective 1. of or designating something that is added or run on: a run-on entry in a dictionary. 2. Prosody. (of a line of verse) having a thought that carries over to the next line, especially without a syntactical break. noun 3. run-on matter. 4. Automotive. after-run.

  • Run on all cylinders

    run on all cylinders

  • Run on empty

    run on empty

  • Run one ragged

    Exhaust one, as in I’ve run myself ragged with this project. This idiom alludes to working so hard that one’s appearance is reduced to rags. [ c. 1920 ]

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