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[seyf-tee-di-poz-it] /ˈseɪf ti dɪˌpɒz ɪt/


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  • Safety-deposit box

    noun 1. safe-deposit box. safe-deposit box or safety-deposit box noun 1. a lockable metal box or drawer, especially in a bank vault, used for safely storing valuable papers, jewelry, etc.

  • Safety-factor

    noun 1. factor of safety. factor of safety noun 1. the ratio of the maximum stress that a structural part or other piece of material can withstand to the maximum stress estimated for it in the use for which it is designed. factor of safety noun 1. the ratio of the breaking stress of a […]

  • Safety-film

    noun 1. Photography. a film having a nonflammable base of triacetate cellulose. noun 1. photographic film consisting of a nonflammable cellulose acetate or polyester base

  • Safety fuse

    noun 1. a slow-burning fuse for igniting detonators from a distance 2. an electrical fuse that protects a circuit from overloading

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