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verb (used without object), salivated, salivating.
to produce saliva.
verb (used with object), salivated, salivating.
to produce an excessive secretion of saliva in, as by mercurial poisoning.
(intransitive) to secrete saliva, esp an excessive amount
(transitive) to cause (a laboratory animal, etc) to produce saliva, as by the administration of mercury

salivate sal·i·vate (sāl’ə-vāt’)
v. sal·i·vat·ed, sal·i·vat·ing, sal·i·vates

To secrete or produce saliva.

To produce excessive salivation in.


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  • Salivation

    noun 1. the act or process of salivating. 2. an abnormally abundant flow of saliva; ptyalism. 3. mercurial poisoning. salivation sal·i·va·tion (sāl’ə-vā’shən) n. The act or process of secreting saliva. See ptyalism.

  • Salivator

    noun, Medicine/Medical. 1. any agent that causes salivation. salivator sal·i·va·tor (sāl’ə-vā’tər) n. An agent that increases the flow of saliva.

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