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[sahr-kuh-plaz-mik] /ˌsɑr kəˈplæz mɪk/
noun, Cell Biology.
a system of membrane-bound tubules that surrounds muscle fibrils, releasing calcium ions during contraction and absorbing them during relaxation.

sarcoplasmic reticulum n.
The endoplasmic reticulum found in striated muscle fibers.


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    sarcopoietic sar·co·poi·et·ic (sär’kō-poi-ět’ĭk) adj. Forming or producing muscle.

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    Sarcoptes scabiei Sarcoptes sca·bi·e·i (skā’bē-ē’ī) n. The itch mite, varieties of which affect humans and various animals and cause scabies and mange.

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