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Semilunar cartilage

semilunar cartilage n.
Any of the articular menisci of the knee joint.


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  • Semilunar conjunctival fold

    semilunar conjunctival fold n. The crescent-shaped fold formed by the palpebral conjunctiva at the medial angle of the eye.

  • Semilunar ganglion

    semilunar ganglion n. See trigeminal ganglion. See celiac ganglion.

  • Semilunar line

    semilunar line n. The slight groove in the external abdominal wall parallel to the lateral edge of the rectus sheath. Also called Spigelius line.

  • Semilunar-valve

    noun, Anatomy. 1. either of two valves, one in the aorta and one in the pulmonary artery, consisting of a set of three crescent-shaped flaps of tissue and serving to prevent blood from flowing back into the heart after contraction. semilunar valve noun 1. (anatomy) either of two crescent-shaped valves, one in the aorta and […]

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