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Shirley (Shirley Temple Black) 1928–2014, U.S. film actress, famous for child roles during the 1930s, and diplomat.
Sir William, 1628–99, English essayist and diplomat.
a city in central Texas.
a building or place dedicated to the worship of a deity or deities
a Mormon church
(US) another name for a synagogue
any Christian church, esp a large or imposing one
any place or object regarded as a shrine where God makes himself present, esp the body of a person who has been sanctified or saved by grace
a building regarded as the focus of an activity, interest, or practice: a temple of the arts
the region on each side of the head in front of the ear and above the cheek bone related adjective temporal
the part of a loom that keeps the cloth being woven stretched to the correct width
either of two buildings in London and Paris that belonged to the Templars. The one in London now houses two of the chief law societies
any of three buildings or groups of buildings erected by the Jews in ancient Jerusalem for the worship of Jehovah
Shirley, married name Shirley Temple Black. born 1928, US film actress and politician. Her films as a child star include Little Miss Marker (1934), Wee Willie Winkie (1937), and Heidi (1937). She was US ambassador to Ghana (1974–76) and to Czechoslovakia (1989–92)
Sir William. 1628–99, English diplomat and essayist. He negotiated the Triple Alliance (1668) and the marriage of William of Orange to Mary II
William. 1881–1944, English prelate and advocate of social reform; archbishop of Canterbury (1942–44)

Note: A wall remaining from the temples, known as the Western Wall, is one of the most sacred places for Jews today.


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