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a shirtlike jacket.


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  • Shirtless

    noun 1. a long- or short-sleeved garment for the upper part of the body, usually lightweight and having a collar and a front opening. 2. an undergarment of cotton, or other material, for the upper part of the body. 3. a shirtwaist. 4. a nightshirt. Idioms 5. in one’s shirt sleeves, without a coat: It […]

  • Shirt-lifter

    noun 1. (derogatory, slang) a homosexual

  • Shirtmaker

    noun 1. a person who makes shirts.

  • Shirtsleeve

    or shirtsleeve, shirt-sleeved, shirt-sleeves [shurt-sleev] /ˈʃɜrtˌsliv/ adjective 1. not wearing a jacket; informally dressed: a shirt-sleeve mob. 2. warm enough to live or work in without wearing a jacket or coat: shirt-sleeve weather in November. 3. simple, plain, and informal; direct and straightforward in approach, manner, etc.: shirt-sleeve diplomacy. noun 1. the sleeve of a […]

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