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Skinny something down

skinny, the


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  • Skin-planing

    noun, Surgery. 1. dermabrasion. dermabrasion [dur-muh-brey-zhuh n] /ˌdɜr məˈbreɪ ʒən/ noun 1. the removal of acne scars, dermal nevi, or the like, by abrading. dermabrasion /ˌdɜːməˈbreɪʒən/ noun 1. a procedure in cosmetic surgery in which rough facial skin is removed by scrubbing dermabrasion der·ma·bra·sion (dûr’mə-brā’zhən) n. A surgical procedure designed to remove skin imperfections, such […]

  • Skin-pop

    verb (used with object), skin-popped, skin-popping. 1. to inject (a drug) under the skin rather than into a vein. verb (used without object), skin-popped, skin-popping. 2. to inject a drug under the skin. noun 1. the subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of a narcotic verb -pops, -popping, -popped 2. (intransitive) to take drugs in such a […]

  • Skin-reaction

    noun 1. an irritation or inflammation of the skin due to an allergy or infection, brought about by natural means or by a skin test.

  • Skin ridge

    skin ridge n. See epidermal ridge.

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