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Spinal muscle of thorax

spinal muscle of thorax n.
A muscle with origin from the upper lumbar and two lower thoracic vertebrae, with insertion into the middle and upper thoracic vertebrae, with nerve supply from the dorsal branches of the thoracic and the upper lumbar nerves, and whose action supports and extends the vertebral column.


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    noun, Anatomy. 1. any of a series of paired nerves that originate in the nerve roots of the spinal cord and emerge from the vertebrae on both sides of the spinal column, each branching out to innervate a specific region of the neck, trunk, or limbs. spinal nerve n. Any of 31 pairs of nerves […]

  • Spinal paralysis

    spinal paralysis n. Loss of motor power due to a lesion of the spinal cord.

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    spinal puncture n. See lumbar puncture.

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    spinal reflex n. A reflex arc involving the spinal cord.

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