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Splenic vein

splenic vein n.
A vein that arises by the union of several small veins at the hilum on the anterior surface of the spleen, passes to the left kidney, and runs to the neck of the pancreas where it joins the superior mesenteric vein to form the portal vein.


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  • Splenitis

    noun 1. inflammation of the spleen splenitis sple·ni·tis (splĭ-nī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the spleen.

  • Splenium

    splenium sple·ni·um (splē’nē-əm) n. pl. sple·ni·a (-nē-ə) A compress or bandage. An anatomical structure resembling a bandaged part.

  • Splenium corporis callosi

    splenium corporis callosi splenium cor·po·ris cal·lo·si (kôr’pər-ĭs kə-lō’sī) n. The thickened extremity located in the posterior portion of the corpus callosum.

  • Splenius

    noun, plural splenii [splee-nee-nee-ahy] /ˈspli ni niˌaɪ/ (Show IPA). Anatomy. 1. a broad muscle on each side of the back of the neck and the upper part of the thoracic region, the action of which draws the head backward and assists in turning it to one side. noun (pl) -nii (-nɪˌaɪ) 1. (anatomy) either of […]

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