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[spawrt-fish-er-muh n, spohrt-] /ˈspɔrtˌfɪʃ ər mən, ˈspoʊrt-/
a motorboat fitted out for sportfishing.


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  • Sportfishing

    [spawrt-fish-ing] /ˈspɔrtˌfɪʃ ɪŋ/ noun 1. fishing with a rod and reel for sport, especially for saltwater sport fish from a motorboat.

  • Sportiness

    adjective, sportier, sportiest. Informal. 1. flashy; showy. 2. smart in dress, behavior, etc. 3. like or befitting a sportsman. 4. dissipated; fast: a sporty crowd. 5. designed for or suitable for sport. adjective sportier, sportiest 1. (of a person) fond of sport or outdoor activities 2. (of clothes) having the appearance of sportswear 3. (of […]

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    adjective 1. engaging in, disposed to, or interested in open-air or athletic sports: a rugged, sporting man. 2. concerned with or suitable for such sports: sporting equipment. 3. sportsmanlike. 4. interested in or connected with sports or pursuits involving betting or gambling: the sporting life of Las Vegas. 5. involving or inducing the taking of […]

  • Sporting-chance

    noun 1. an even or fair opportunity for a favorable outcome in an enterprise, as winning in a game of chance or in any kind of contest: They gave the less experienced players a sporting chance by handicapping the experts.

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