socialized medicine.

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  • Statement

    noun 1. something stated. 2. a communication or declaration in speech or writing, setting forth facts, particulars, etc. 3. a single sentence or assertion: I agree with everything you said except for your last statement. 4. Commerce. an abstract of an account, as one rendered to show the balance due. 5. an appearance of a […]

  • Statementing

    noun in banking, the issuing of financial statements

  • Statement of claim

    noun 1. (law) (in England) the first pleading made by the claimant in a civil court action showing the facts upon which he or she relies in support of the claim and the relief asked for

  • Statement-savings-account

    noun 1. a savings account in which transactions are confirmed periodically by a bank statement.

  • Statement shock

    noun a feeling of surprise when reading at a large credit card bill; also, a feeling of surprise upon seeing a drop in an investment’s value on a broker statement

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