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Stellate ligament

stellate ligament n.
See radiate ligament of rib.


Read Also:

  • Stellate reticulum

    stellate reticulum n. A network of stellate epithelial cells in the center of the enamel organ between the outer and inner enamel epithelium.

  • Stellate vein

    stellate vein n. A stellate venule.

  • Stellate venule

    stellate venule n. Any of a number of venules in the renal cortex gathered in star-shaped groups.

  • Stelliferous

    [ste-lif-er-uh s] /stɛˈlɪf ər əs/ adjective 1. having or abounding with stars. stelliferous /stɛˈlɪfərəs/ adjective 1. full of stars

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