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Street entertainment


See street entertainer


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  • Streeter

    noun 1. a public thoroughfare, usually paved, in a village, town, or city, including the sidewalk or sidewalks. 2. such a thoroughfare together with adjacent buildings, lots, etc.: Houses, lawns, and trees composed a very pleasant street. 3. the roadway of such a thoroughfare, as distinguished from the sidewalk: to cross a street. 4. a […]

  • Street-fighter

    or street-fighter noun 1. a person whose style of fistfighting was learned in the streets, as opposed to a trained or proficient boxer. 2. a person who deals with others in an aggressive, cunning manner.

  • Street food

    noun any food or beverage sold by a street vendor, as a stall or cart Examples We ate the street food after exiting the museum. Word Origin 1860

  • Street furniture

    noun 1. pieces of equipment, such as streetlights and pillar boxes, placed in the street for the benefit of the public noun objects placed along streets or roads for various uses, including benches, directional signs, garbage cans, mailboxes, streetlights, etc. Examples Billboards are prohibited as street furniture in residential areas. street, the

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