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Street food


any food or beverage sold by a street vendor, as a stall or cart

We ate the street food after exiting the museum.
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  • Street furniture

    noun 1. pieces of equipment, such as streetlights and pillar boxes, placed in the street for the benefit of the public noun objects placed along streets or roads for various uses, including benches, directional signs, garbage cans, mailboxes, streetlights, etc. Examples Billboards are prohibited as street furniture in residential areas. street, the

  • Street-hockey

    noun, Canadian. 1. road hockey.

  • Street justice

    noun 1. the punishment given by members of the public to people regarded as criminals or wrongdoers

  • Street-legal

    adjective pertaining to a motor vehicle’s compliance with safety standards; roadworthy Examples The old jalopy was kept in perfect condition and is street-legal.

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