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Swiss cheese plant

See monstera


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  • Swisser

    noun 1. Swiss (def 2).

  • Swiss-guard

    noun 1. a member of a corps of bodyguards protecting the pope, with membership restricted to natives of Switzerland. noun 1. the bodyguard of the pope, recruited from Swiss nationals 2. a member of this bodyguard 3. one of a group of Swiss mercenaries who acted as bodyguards to the French kings: destroyed in the […]

  • Swiss-lapis

    noun, Jewelry. 1. cracked quartz, stained blue in imitation of lapis lazuli.

  • Swiss-muslin

    noun 1. a crisp, sheer muslin that is constructed in plain weave, bleached white or dyed, and often ornamented with raised dots or figures (dotted swiss) used chiefly in the manufacture of curtains and women’s summer clothes. swiss muslin noun 1. a fine muslin dress fabric, usually having a raised or woven pattern of dolls […]

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