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Table football

a game based on soccer, played on a table with sets of miniature human figures mounted on rods allowing them to be tilted or spun to strike the ball US name foosball


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  • Tableful

    noun, plural tablefuls. 1. the number of persons that can be seated at a table. 2. the amount of food, dishes, etc., that a table can hold.

  • Table-hop

    verb (used without object), table-hopped, table-hopping. Informal. 1. to move about in a restaurant, nightclub, or the like, chatting with people at various tables. table

  • Tableland

    noun 1. an elevated and generally level region of considerable extent; plateau. noun 1. flat elevated land; a plateau tableland (tā’bəl-lānd’) A flat, elevated region, such as a plateau or mesa.

  • Table licence

    noun 1. a licence authorizing the sale of alcoholic drinks with meals only

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