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Tena korua

(NZ) a Māori greeting to two people


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  • Tena koutou

    interjection 1. (NZ) a Māori greeting to two or more people

  • Tenalgia

    tenalgia te·nal·gi·a (tě-nāl’jē-ə, -jə) n. Pain in a tendon. Also called tenodynia, tenontodynia.

  • Tenancy

    noun, plural tenancies. 1. a holding, as of lands, by any kind of title; occupancy of land, a house, or the like, under a lease or on payment of rent; tenure. 2. the period of a tenant’s occupancy. 3. occupancy or enjoyment of a position, post, situation, etc.: her tenancy as professor of history at […]

  • Tenancy-in-common

    noun, Law. 1. a holding of property, usually real, by two or more persons with each owning an undivided share and with no right of survivorship.

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