Female homosexuality. Also known as Sapphism.

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  • Let down reflex

    An involuntary reflex during the period of time when a women is breastfeeding which causes the milk to flow freely.

  • Lesion

    An area of abnormal tissue change. Lesions vary in severity from harmless to serious.

  • Lethal gene, zygotic

    A gene that is fatal for the zygote, the cell formed by the union of a sperm and an egg. The zygote would normally develop into an embryo, as instructed by the genetic material within the unified cell. However, a zygotic lethal gene kills prenatal development at its earliest point. A zygotic lethal gene is […]

  • Lethargy

    Abnormal drowsiness, stupor.

  • Letrozole

    Aromatase inhibitor; monograph on Femara (letrozole).

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