Locomotive system

The bones, the joints, and the muscles that contract and relax to move the joints and bones.

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  • Locoregional

    Locoregional anesthesia; Locoregional metastasis.

  • Locoregional anesthesia

    Anesthesia that eliminates pain only in the region of the surgery. This may be done by a “spinal” in which an anesthetic agent is administered by lumbar injection. Locoregional anesthesia is in contrast to general anesthesia on the one hand and local anesthesia on the other.

  • Locoregional metastasis

    Metastasis (spread) of a cancer only within the region in which it arose. In contrast to systemic metastasis.

  • Locus

    In genetics, the place a gene occupies on a chromosome. The plural is loci.

  • Locus minoris resistentiae

    Latin meaning a place of less resistance. A locus minoris resistentiae offers little resistance to microorganisms. For example, a damaged heart valve acts as a locus minoris resistentiae, a place where any bacteria in the bloodstream tend to settle. The concept of a locus minoris resistentiae is an old one but still a valid, useful […]

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